Book Review – Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman



Book: Norse Mythology
Author: Neil Gaiman
Genre: Mythology
Year of Release: 2017
Read 299-page hardcover edition in February 2018.

Book Description:

Neil Gaiman uses his skill with language and passion for Norse Mythology to tell us more about these famous and less well known northern tales of old. Stories of Odin, Thor, Loki, ice giants, dwarves, spirits, trolls, and what will happen at Ragnarok: the end of days. Gaiman tells us how these gods of Norse Mythology lived and ruled in the different kingdoms.

Book Review:

Norse Mythology is a fantastic collection of tales that both entertains and educates the reader on the mythology of northern Europe.  Gaiman has done a fantastic job at bringing these stories to life for the modern writer, and his commitment is clear given he has been inspired by these tales from an early age.

Gaiman writes plainly and clearly, yet with great description, creating his own version of these historical tales. The tales are independent, yet many of them link together as well, creating a cohesive whole.  However, one downside is that the book is almost too summary and short, and the plainness in the tales and descriptions sometimes leave the reader wanting, wondering about some of the details in the story, and what came before or after with regard to the characters in question.

Gaiman does succeed at bringing to life some lesser-known characters and events, while also showing us different sides of better-known characters. The result is a broader collection of tales and characters that are fun to read about, and also much more complex than some of the black and white tales we may have heard about from other sources in the past.

As usual, Gaiman’s talent as a writer comes through clearly in this intriguing collection of Norse mythological tales.

Overall: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars